Default Form Templates

Sprout Forms comes with two Form Templates and one Email Template. We keep the defaults as simple and un-opinionated as we can. You can style the default templates as you see fit or update the templates for your particular project. Forms and Notification Emails are fully customizable.

# Form Templates

# Accessible Templates

The Accessible Form Templates are enabled by default. They cover all form output and error states for the default Form Fields and implement several accessibility best practices.


If you want to customize your Form Templates, the Accessible Form Templates may be a good starting point.

# Basic Templates (Legacy)

The Basic Templates are available for those who may be updating Sprout Forms. When you update, Sprout Forms maintains your existing Form Template settings.

The Basic Templates handle all form output and error states for the default Form Fields.

# Email Templates

# Basic Notification

The Basic Notification Email Templates is designed to loop through all submitted Form Fields and output a simple representation of the submitted data.

This Email Template will be used by default when you create a new Notification Email from the Sprout Forms Notifications tab.

# Custom Templates

See the Template Overrides docs for additional details.

Last Updated: 11/23/2023, 10:32:53 PM