Template Overrides

Sprout Email gives you 100% control over your email templates using the Template Overrides. If you wish to reuse your Template Overrides on multiple projects, you can create Custom Email Templates.

# Customizing Templates

Once you have enabled Template Overrides, you can override two email files. Both files must be named 'email'. Files named something else will not be found:

email.twig (or email.html) required
email.txt optional


If you don't provide a template for the Text version of your email, Sprout Email will convert your HTML email to Markdown and use that for the Text version of your email.

# Personalization

See the documentation on Personalization to learn more about available variables and how to customize your email templates.

# Getting Started

To get started, copy the default Sprout Email templates to your Custom Template Overrides folder. You can find the templates in Sprout Email here:


# Settings

# Global settings

Setup a Global Email Template override in the Sprout Email settings and add the path to the template folder where you wish to place your overrides:

Sprout Email → Settings → Default Email Templates → Add Custom


If you wish to customize Form Templates on a per-form basis, enable the setting:

Enable custom Email Templates on a per-email basis


Setting the Custom Template Folder value to _emails would allow you to place your override templates in the craft/templates/_emails folder.

# Per-form settings

When you Enable custom Email Templates on a per-email basis, you'll have to add the override folder in your Email Element settings.

When creating a new Email, in the Email Settings sidebar, select the Email Template or add the Email Template folder you wish to use for your overrides.

Last Updated: 11/23/2023, 10:32:53 PM