Integrations allow you to submit your forms to custom, third-party endpoints and to create Elements within Craft CMS. Use Sprout Forms' powerful front-end form templating and validation and submit your data anywhere you'd like.

As Integrations may require additional configuration and training for content authors, the feature is disabled by default. Enable Integrations via Settings->Advanced->Enable Integrations.

The Form submission workflow is as follows:

  • Form Entry is submitted
  • Form Entry is validated
    • If invalid, errors are returned to template
    • If success, and 'Save data to the Craft database' is enabled, save Form Entry
  • Integrations get processed on the after save event: barrelstrength\sproutforms\elements\Entry::EVENT_AFTER_SAVE
  • Integration success and failure responses are logged to the database
  • The Event Integration::EVENT_AFTER_SAVE is raised and can be configured to send a Notification
    • If 'Save data to the Craft database' setting is enabled, responses will be visible in the sidebar of the submitted Entry
    • If 'Save data to the Craft database' setting is disabled, responses can be viewed via a report

# Default Integrations

Two Integrations are included:

Integration Description
Entry Element Map your form data to an existing channel in Craft to create an Entry Element when a form is submitted
Custom Endpoint Submit your form data to a custom endpoint

# Entry Element

The Entry Element Integration allows you to map a Form's fields to an Entry Element and set it's author to a default author or the current logged in user.

# Custom Endpoint

The Custom Endpoint Integration allows you to map your Form Fields to the name of the field values that you want to send to your third-party endpoint.

The Hidden Field and Invisible Field allow you to setup form fields with pre-filled values such as API Keys, tracking data, and other information that you may want to capture but not want to be publicly visible in your form.

# Multiple Integrations

Multiple integrations can be added to a Form. When one or more integrations are setup, they are processed after a valid Form Entry is submitted in the order they appear in the Form settings. Integrations can fail, and Sprout Forms provides a way for you to view the responses from each integration and receive notifications if any integrations don't behave as expected.

Last Updated: 11/23/2023, 10:32:53 PM