Opt-in Field

The Opt-in Field is a specialized checkbox field that presents the user a single checkbox and supporting message. Unlike most other fields, the Opt-in Field does not display its field label by default.

The Opt-in Field can link to supporting pages, such as a Privacy Policy or Terms of Service, and can be marked as required to ensure a user has given consent to help comply with Email Marketing best practices, GDPR, and other regulations.

# Settings

# Opt-in Message

A short message to indicate what a user is opting-in to.

The Opt-in Message setting supports Markdown so you can emphasize text, link to a supporting page, or even use HTML. Example message with a link using Markdown:

Agree to our [Privacy Policy](https://example.com/privacy)

# Selected by default


Enabling this setting effectively makes the opt-in field an 'opt-out' field. Be respectful to your users.

This setting will display the Opt-in field as checked by default.

# Value When Selected / Value When Not Selected

By default, when the Opt-in Field is displayed in Notification Emails, the value of the field will be displayed as "Yes" for someone who has opted-in and "No" for someone who has not. Update these values using these settings.

# Make it Required

As all Form Fields, you can mark the Opt-in Field as required. Marking the Opt-in Field as required will ensure that the user checks the field before they can successfully submit a form.

Last Updated: 11/23/2023, 10:32:53 PM