About Sprout Fields

Sprout Fields adds several common field types to Craft CMS with the goal of providing a comprehensive suite of common field types necessary for managing business websites in an international community.

All Sprout Fields are designed to blend right in and provide your users a Craft-friendly user experience.

Craft 3 Fields

  • Address Field (International)
  • Email Field
  • Gender Field (Inclusive)
  • Name Field (Customizable)
  • Notes Field
  • Phone Field (International)
  • Predefined Field
  • Regular Expression Field (Exclusive)
  • URL Field

Craft 2 Fields

  • Email Field
  • Email Select Field (Deprecated in Craft 3)
  • Hidden Field (Deprecated in Craft 3)
  • Invisible Field (Deprecated in Craft 3)
  • Link Field (Becomes URL Field in Craft 3)
  • Notes Field
  • Phone Field (Deprecated, becomes an International Phone Field in Craft 3)
  • Regular Expression Field


Sprout Fields for Craft 2 are also compatible with Sprout Forms.


Sprout Fields is available for Craft 2 and Craft 3. There are several fields that differ between the two versions.

Due to changes in Craft 3 and Sprout Forms for Craft 3, Sprout Fields has been updated in several ways. See the Installing & Updating page for Craft 3 for more info.