Email Field

The Email Address field allows you to require a valid email address using Craft and Sprout Forms front-end Fields.

Sprout Email Field

When an email address is recognized, a Send Email icon appears at the right hand side of an Email Address field. If you click on the Send Email link, your computer will open your primary mail program and populate the to: field with your email address.

# Templates

You can access your Email Field in your templates via it's field handle.

{{ entry.emailField }}

# Settings

The Email Address field uses PHPs FILTER_VALIDATE_EMAIL (opens new window) which states:

In general, this validates e-mail addresses against the syntax in RFC 822, with the exceptions that comments and whitespace folding and dotless domain names are not supported.

# Custom Validation and Error Messages

If you have more specific email validation needs, you can select the Email Addresses for this field have their own validation pattern setting and provide a custom Validation Pattern and Error Message.

# Require email address to be unique

Enable the Require email address to be unique option if you want to ensure that an email address can only be used once. Duplicate emails using the same field will be considered invalid. Unique emails are only considered on a per-field basis. If you create multiple Email Address fields with the Require email address to be unique option, similar emails can be used across the different fields, but not for data using the same email field.

One use case where this might be handy is if you are running a contest and have a landing page form where you only want each person (identified by email address) to be able to submit one entry.


On the front-end, the Email Field supports HTML5 client-side validation including the required attribute, the email input type, and custom validation patterns and error messages.

Last Updated: 11/23/2023, 10:32:53 PM