Address Field

The Address Field is an international field type which let's you capture and display address data using a Craft-style Address modal. The Address Field supports addresses for 200 countries from Google's Address Data Service.

Address Field Modal

The Address Field uses Craft's Relations field and modal edit UI to stay consistent with the Craft User experience, simplifies often-complex multi-column address layouts to a single column, and works with Craft's Matrix field.

# Templates

You can access your Address Field in your templates via it's field handle.

{{ entry.addressField.countryCode }}
{{ entry.addressField.countryThreeLetterCode }}
{{ entry.addressField.currencyCode }}
{{ entry.addressField.locale }}
{{ entry.addressField.administrativeArea }}
{{ entry.addressField.administrativeAreaCode }}
{{ entry.addressField.locality }}
{{ entry.addressField.dependentLocality }}
{{ entry.addressField.postalCode }}
{{ entry.addressField.sortingCode }}
{{ entry.addressField.address1 }}
{{ entry.addressField.address2 }}
{{ }}

# Settings

Addresses are validated based on the country that is selected. Validation is handled by Google's Address Data Service (via the commerceguys/addressing library).

By default, the Address Field is setup for international addresses from all countries but can be limited to a single country as well.

Last Updated: 11/23/2023, 10:32:53 PM