Why Sprout?

Businesses, authors, designers, and developers choose to use Sprout Plugins for Craft CMS. Below is a short overview of how we design our plugins with each respective audience in mind.

# Businesses

As a business, you need a CMS that not only helps you manage your content but also helps you grow your business. At the core of all Sprout Plugins are features that satisfy real business goals.

Below is a partial list of business goals you can achieve using Sprout plugins with Craft CMS. You may not see each of these features directly in the user interface but, with the right implementation team and training, all the business strategies listed below can be accomplished with the help of Sprout plugins.

Business Goal Plugin
Create targeted search metadata SEO
Share content with branded social sharing metadata SEO
Define Rich Cards with structured metadata SEO
Generate multi-lingual XML Sitemaps SEO
Monitor 404s and redirects SEO
Capture leads via a contact form Forms
Receive and review application forms Forms
Build targeted landing pages with custom forms Forms
Send your customers a survey Forms
Prevent your forms from receiving spam submissions Forms
Submit your website forms to your CRM Forms
Send personalized, transactional emails to your customers Email
Send a newsletter to your customers directly from Craft CMS Email
Send a newsletter to a customer list managed in your CRM Email
Send a test email with mock data Email
Track and resend transactional email sent via Craft CMS Email
Run custom reports using date ranges and custom settings Reports
Build reports from custom data sources specific to your business Reports
Export and share custom reports as spreadsheets Reports
Import and sync data from a custom CRM Import
Migrate data into a more useful data structure Import
Create import bundles that can be easily reused on similar projects Import
Generate fake data to test design limits and improve performance Import
Remove test data without affecting real content Import

# Authors

As an author, your focus is on creating good content. We want to keep it so.

Sprout plugins provide a seamless, Craft-friendly user experience for content authors. We take care as we build our plugins to extend the Craft UI and reuse design components wherever possible so that using a Sprout Plugin will always look and feel like you are using Craft.

# Designers

There is nothing worse than finding a plugin that solves a problem you have and then not having the design control you need to implement the design you want.

On the front-end, a key goal as we build our plugins is to give designers 100% control of any HTML code that a Sprout plugin outputs. You'll be able to customize form templates, email templates, lists, metadata, and more.

In the Control Panel, we provide options to rename our plugins, customize permissions, and customize your content model for multi-regional and multi-lingual websites so you can create a client-focused user experience that includes just the fields and sections that make sense for your users.

# Developers

As a developer, you're likely less interested in what a plugin can do and more interested in what it can't do. Your job often requires taking something that works in a general way and finding a way to make it work for specific project requirements.

Early on, we decided to keep each Sprout plugin focused on doing one thing really well. For example, Sprout Forms comes with Notification and Reporting functionality but the engine behind those features is not provided by Sprout Forms – it's driven by Sprout Email and Sprout Reports.

Allowing our plugins to do one thing really well and talk to one another when they need to helps us create a flexible, extensible developer experience. If you need Notification Emails but we don't offer a trigger for the specific event you need, no problem – you can extend Sprout Email to build your own. If you're building a form and Sprout Forms doesn't provide a field type you need? Again, no problem, you can extend Sprout Forms to build your own.

With Sprout's custom components and flexible APIs you'll have control over customizing Form Fields, Form Templates, Email Templates, Mailers, Notification Events, List Types, Data Sources, Schema, Importers and more.

Whether you need to extend Sprout functionality in Craft or integrate with third-party systems, Sprout does it's best to give you the options you customize your projects to the specific requirements you've been given, without the need to reinvent the wheel.

# Support & Training

While the plugin ecosystem can sometimes feel like the wild west, Sprout plugins are designed by a business for businesses. You can trust that we'll be here when you reach out for support. We're invested in Craft and we're in it for the long haul.

The Sprout team provides support for license holders and is available for Craft and Sprout training and consulting services.

Contact us: [email protected]

Last Updated: 11/23/2023, 10:32:53 PM