About Sprout Campaigns

Sprout Email enables integrated email marketing, targeted transactional email, tracking and re-sending Sent Emails, and flexible subscriber and list management.

The table below gives a top level overview of the current Mailers and List integrations in Sprout Email.

Mailer Available Via Campaigns Notifications Lists
Default Mailer Sprout Email
Copy/Paste Sprout Email
MailChimp Plugin (opens new window)
Campaign Monitor Plugin (opens new window)
Custom Mailers Contact Us!

# Notification Emails

Send personalized notification emails to your users when events are triggered in Craft. Stay in the loop about new content on your site, changes to your content, a publish workflow, or when forms are submitted (Sprout Forms) or purchases are made (Craft Commerce).

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# Campaigns Emails

Campaign Emails allow you to create powerful email campaigns using Live Preview, Matrix, and all of Craft's fields. Manage your Email Templates using HTML and Twig right within Craft's template structure and export your Campaign Emails to popular email service providers like Campaign Monitor and MailChimp.

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# Sent Email

Sent Email tracking captures a copy of all emails sent from your website. Review Sent Emails, confirm sent statuses, and re-send email to your users.

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Last Updated: 11/23/2023, 10:32:53 PM