Core Concepts

# Extending Craft

Sprout Plugins extend Craft with several new components for designing a website's content architecture and digital strategy.

Sprout Component Craft Component Type Plugin
Form Element Forms
Entry Element Forms
Redirect Element SEO
Notification Email Element Email
Campaign Email Element Email
Sent Email Element Email
Report Element Reports
List Element Lists
Subscriber Element Lists
Form Relations Field Forms
Entry Relations Field Forms
Element Metadata Field SEO
Address Field Fields
Email Field Fields
Gender Field Fields
Name Field Fields
Notes Field Fields
Phone Field Fields
Predefined Field Fields
Regular Expression Field Fields
URL Field Fields

List does not include Events or Widgets.

# Sprout Concepts

In addition to extending Craft's component architecture, Sprout Plugins add several new components for our own feature set which developers can also extend and build on.

Sprout Component Type Component Type Plugin
Data Source Data Source Reports
Notification Event Event Type Email
Form Field Field Type Forms
Element Importer Importer Import
Settings Importer Importer Import
Field Importer Importer Import
List Type List Type Lists
Mailer Mailer Email
Schema Schema SEO
Form Template Template Bundle Forms
Email Template Template Bundle Email
Captchas Utility Forms
URL-Enabled Section Type Utility SEO
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