About Sprout Reports

Sprout Reports allows you to create and group custom reports.

Reports Overview Page

Reports can be created from our default Data Sources or you can create your own. Sprout Reports comes with two flexible Data Sources out of the box and additional Data Sources are available via custom plugins.

Data Sources Notes
Custom Query Included
Twig Template Included
Users Included
Categories Sprout Reports - Categories (opens new window)
Commerce Sprout Reports for Craft Commerce (opens new window)

To create a report, select your Report Type, give your report a Name, and update any settings available to customize the results of your report. Once your report is setup, you can export your report data in CSV format or run your report in the browser.

If you would like to display a single number report on your dashboard, you can add a new Number widget. Give your widget a name, select which single number report the widget is associated with, and you can keep track of that info right on your dashboard.

Last Updated: 11/23/2023, 10:32:53 PM