The Sprout team is dedicated to making products that support multi-lingual and multi-regional websites. We are proud to have customers and contributors from over 25 countries around the world.

Feature Plugin Per-site Per-group Per-language Custom
Global Metadata SEO
Sitemaps1 SEO
Redirects SEO
Forms Forms
Form Entries Forms
Notification Email Email
Campaign Email Email
Sent Email Email
Reports Reports
Data Sources Reports
Importing Import
Seeding Import
List Lists
Subscriber Lists

All Custom Fields support Craft's native Field options.

Feature Plugin Per-site Per-group Per-language Custom
Address Field Fields
Email Field Fields
Gender Field Fields
Name Field Fields
Notes Field Fields
Phone Field Fields
Predefined Field Fields
Regex Field Fields
URL Field Fields
Metadata Field SEO
Form Relations Field Forms
Entry Relations Field Forms

# Legend

Icon Description
Planned/Under Consideration
Not Planned

1 Multi-lingual XML Sitemaps are supported by adding related sites that use different languages to the same Site Group.