Sprout Plugins add several new components to the Craft architecture that can be extended by plugin developers.

Below is a list of the default features provided by Sprout plugins and some third-party integrations extending Sprout to add additional functionality.

# Sprout Forms

# Form Templates

Feature Plugin
Accessible Templates Sprout Forms
Basic Templates Sprout Forms

# Form Fields

Feature Plugin
Single Line Sprout Forms
Paragraph Sprout Forms
Multiple Choice Sprout Forms
Dropdown Sprout Forms
Checkboxes Sprout Forms
Number Sprout Forms
File Upload Sprout Forms
Section Heading Sprout Forms
Name Sprout Forms
Email Sprout Forms
Email Dropdown Sprout Forms
Phone Sprout Forms
URL Sprout Forms
Opt-in Sprout Forms
Custom HTML Sprout Forms
Private Notes Sprout Forms
Multi Select Sprout Forms
Hidden Sprout Forms
Invisible Sprout Forms
Regex Sprout Forms
Categories Sprout Forms
Entries Sprout Forms
Tags Sprout Forms
US States US States for Sprout Forms
Range Slider Range Slider for Sprout Forms

# Captchas

Feature Plugin
Duplicate Submission Captcha Sprout Forms
Javascript Captcha Sprout Forms
Honeypot Captcha Sprout Forms
Google ReCaptcha Google ReCaptcha for Sprout Forms

# Sprout SEO

# Schema

Feature Plugin
Contact Point Sprout SEO
Creative Work Sprout SEO
Event Sprout SEO
Geo Sprout SEO
Image Object Sprout SEO
Intangible Sprout SEO
Main Entity of Page Sprout SEO
Organization Sprout SEO
Person Sprout SEO
Place Sprout SEO
Postal Address Sprout SEO
Product Sprout SEO
Thing Sprout SEO
Website Identity - Organization Sprout SEO
Website Identity - Person Sprout SEO
Website Identity - Place Sprout SEO
Website Identity - Website Sprout SEO

# URL-Enabled Section Types

Feature Plugin
No Section Sprout SEO
Category Sprout SEO
Entry Sprout SEO
Commerce Product Sprout SEO

# Sprout Email

# Email Templates

Feature Plugin
Basic Templates Sprout Email
Basic Notification Sprout Forms

# Mailers

Feature Plugin
Default Mailer Sprout Email

# Notification Events

Feature Plugin
None Sprout Email
When an entry is deleted Sprout Email
When an entry is saved Sprout Email
When a user is activated Sprout Email
When a user is deleted Sprout Email
When a user is saved Sprout Email
When a form entry is saved Sprout Forms

# Sprout Reports

# Data Sources

Feature Plugin
Custom Query Sprout Reports
Custom Twig Template Sprout Reports
Craft Commerce Craft Commerce Data Source for Sprout Reports
Categories Categories Data Source for Sprout Reports
Users Users Data Source for Sprout Reports

# Sprout Import

# Element Importer

Feature Plugin
Asset Sprout Import
Category Sprout Import
Entry Sprout Import
Tag Sprout Import
User Sprout Import
Commerce Order Sprout Import
Commerce Product Sprout Import
Form Sprout Forms
Entry Sprout Forms
Redirect Sprout SEO

# Settings Importer

Feature Plugin
Entry Type Sprout Import
Field Sprout Import
Section Sprout Import
Widget Sprout Import

# Field Importer

Feature Plugin
Assets Sprout Import
Categories Sprout Import
Checkboxes Sprout Import
Color Sprout Import
Commerce Products Sprout Import
Date Sprout Import
Dropdown Sprout Import
Email Sprout Import
Entries Sprout Import
Lightswitch Sprout Import
Matrix Sprout Import
Multi Select Sprout Import
Number Sprout Import
Plain Text Sprout Import
Radio Buttons Sprout Import
Redactor Sprout Import
Table Sprout Import
Tags Sprout Import
URL Sprout Import
Users Sprout Import
Form Relations Sprout Forms
Entry Relations Sprout Forms