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About Mailer Settings

Mailer Settings enable you to customize the email author experience and configure how your emails are sent. Mailer Settings can be assigned to one or more Email Types.

Setting: Craft Email Settings

The default Mailer wraps Craft's default email settings. No configuration is necessary to use the default settings.

Setting: Editable Defaults

Editable Defaults presents the email author with plain text fields for From Name, From Email, and Reply-To Email when editing an email. These fields will be populated by the default values defined in the Mailer Settings.

Setting: Approved Sender List

The Approved Sender List option allows you to configure a list of approved Senders and Reply-To address. Email authors must select from the values you configure up front. This option is the best to ensure emails are sent with consitent branding decisions.


Mailer Adapters can be used to customize Craft's default Mailer settings.


Read the Config Settings documentation to explore and customize settings.


See update guides for the Mailer and Framework modules.

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