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Lite vs Pro

Sprout Lite is designed to pair with Craft Solo and provide a solid baseline for digital marketing best practices on simple projects. Sprout Pro enables unlimited usage of all features and opens the door for advanced customization and CRM workflow integrations.

The Sprout Marketing Suite ships with a modular architecture using 10 specialized modules to power custom website and digital marketing needs.

Data Studio Module

Available in: Sprout Data Studio, Sprout Forms.

Craft 4 Support

Sprout Marketing Suite plugins are coming to Craft 4. See our Road Map for more details.

Transactional Email Module

Available in: Sprout Notifications, Sprout Forms.

Mailer Module

Available in: Sprout Forms, Sprout Email, Sprout Sent Email.

Sent Email

Available in: Sprout Email, Sprout Sent Email.

Redirects Module

Available in: Sprout Redirects, Sprout SEO.

Sitemaps Module

Available in: Sprout Sitemaps, Sprout SEO.

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