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Support for all Sprout modules is managed via the Sprout Framework Github repo.

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Sprout Data StudioCraft v4 | v3View Allno:project
Sprout FormsCraft v4 | v3View Allno:project
Sprout SEOCraft v4 | v3View Allno:project
Sprout RedirectsCraft v4 | v3View Allno:project
Sprout SitemapsCraft v4 | v3View Allno:project
Sprout EmailCraft v4 | v3View Allno:project
Sprout Sent EmailCraft v4 | v3View Allno:project
Module (Internal)BugsFeature RequestsUncategorized
Sprout FrameworkCraft v4View Allno:project no:label


Running into an issue while upgrading? Read the Update Guides for more information on the latest updates and releases.

Custom Projects & Support

If you need a planned feature that we have not yet added, consider hiring us. We are available for custom development and consulting services and are happy to improve or extend our plugins based on your project needs.

Contact us: [email protected]


When we run into a problem, we typically start with a few of the following things:

Clear cache

Clear cache in the Craft settings. Clear cache in the browser. Try a different browser. Try a different network. Take a walk. Clear cache again!

Upgrade to the latest software

Make sure you are using the latest version of Craft and all plugins on your website.

Simplify the code you are working with to as simple as it gets

If you're trying to get code to work in a complex template, copy the code you are having trouble with and see if you can get it working in a blank template. Simplify the code in the area causing trouble to just output plain text, and then slowly add back more complexity variable by variable.

Install a fresh version of the plugin

To help rule out plugin conflicts or upgrade issues, re-install your plugin on a temporary development site and create a quick prototype of what you are trying to do again and see if it works in a fresh environment.

Support Questions

If you are unable to find an answer, support is available for Sprout license holders. We typically respond within 48 hours during the business week. We monitor support tickets during US business hours Monday-Friday, 9am-6pm ET (1pm-10pm GMT).

For general support questions for all of our plugins, open a Discussion in the discussion forum of the Sprout GitHub repository. While the specific plugin you have a question about exist in a different separate repository, all tickets and support questions are managed in this repository.

Last-minute Support

While we do offer license holders free support and do our best to solve any issues that come up in a timely manner, we are not able to guarantee a response time or time to resolution for all issues. Please plan your projects and upgrades with enough time to test and reach out with any questions.


For bugs and general support that doesn't fall in another category, please contact us at: [email protected]

Unofficial Support Channels

While you may find Sprout team members on Craft Discord, Stack Exchange, Twitter, or over private email, we do not monitor these channels for support and messages can be overlooked or lost to history.

If you are in need of support, please use one of the official support channels listed above.

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