Elements Without URLs

The Metadata Field can be used on Elements like Users and Tags, that do not support URLs by default. To manage metadata on Non-URL-Enabled Elements you will need to:

  • Setup a custom route in Craft to load your element on a specific page
  • Add a Metadata Field to the Element's Field Layout
  • Define the Element ID in your template's Sprout Seo meta tag

User Metadata

{# Determine the User Element for your page #} {% set user = craft.users.id(1).one() %}  {# Set the `id` variable to the Element ID that has your Metadata field #} {% do craft.sproutSeo.meta({     id: user.id }) %}  {# Prepare your metadata #} {% sproutseo 'optimize' %} 

Custom Elements

Add integrated Metadata and XML Sitemap support for custom Elements or any Element that does not support URLs via a Custom URL-Enabled Section.