URL-Enabled Sections

Sprout SEO does not just help you manage extensive metadata for Entries. It can also help you manage metadata for all URL-Enabled Element Types. This includes:

  • Entries
  • Categories
  • Craft Commerce Products

Support can be added for additional Element Types using the URL-Enabled Section Type API.

URL-Enabled Section Types are an advanced and powerful integration that helps us standardize differences across Element Types, so Sprout SEO can treat all of your Elements like you do – as content. This enables users to easily manage metadata in the same way across all element types and easily add any URL-Enabled content to an XML sitemap.

You can create your own URL-Enabled Section Type by:

  1. Extending UrlEnabledSectionType with your Custom URL-Enabled Section Type
  2. Register your Custom URL-Enabled Section Type using the registerSproutSeoUrlEnabledSectionTypes() hook

The best place to get started with building your own URL Enabled Section Type is by looking at the existing integrations withing Sprout SEO (sproutseo/integrations/sproutseo/sectiontypes)

Last Updated: 11/23/2023, 10:32:53 PM