Template Overrides

Template Overrides allow you to modify your metadata in your Craft templates. While this can help with some scenarios, it is not always ideal as it makes it harder to give content authors control over all metadata in the Control Panel and increases the complexity of the codebase that needs to be managed over time.


Template Overrides should be considered a last resort. If you feel you have no other options and need to use them, reach out and let us know. We'd love to understand your use case so we can improve Sprout SEO and make it less likely you need to use Template Overrides in the future.

# Templating

Metadata defined in templates gets the highest priority when metadata is processed.

The meta variable allows you to override metadata within templates. The meta variable must use the do tag syntax and must be run before the {% sproutseo 'optimize' %} tag in your templates.

# A Simple Page


{% do craft.sproutSeo.meta({
    title: entry.title,
}) %}

{% sproutseo 'optimize' %}

# Extending a Layout


{% sproutseo 'optimize' %}

section/_entry.twig (extends your layout)

Below is an example of all of the values you can override.

{% do craft.sproutSeo.meta({ 
    title: entry.title,
    description: entry.body|striptags|slice(0, 150),
    canonical: '',
    robots: 'noindex,nofollow',
    region: '',
    placename: '',
    latitude: '',
    longitude: '',
    ogTitle: '',
    ogType: '',
    ogUrl: '',
    ogImage: '',
    ogImageWidth: '',
    ogImageHeight: '',
    ogImageType: '',            
    ogSiteName: '',
    ogAuthor: '',
    ogPublisher: '',        
    ogDescription: '',
    ogAudio: '',
    ogVideo: '',
    ogLocale: '',
    twitterCard: '',
    twitterSite: '',
    twitterCreator: '',
    twitterTitle: '',
    twitterDescription: '',
    twitterUrl: '',
    twitterImage: '',
    twitterPlayer: '',
    twitterPlayerStream: '', 
    twitterPlayerStreamContentType: '', 
    twitterPlayerWidth: '', 
    twitterPlayerHeight: '',                                        
}) %}
Last Updated: 11/23/2023, 10:32:53 PM