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Road Map

Our Road Map can be viewed on Github.

The Sprout Plugins are in the process of being updated for Craft 4 and integrating many of the new features that Craft 4 makes available to custom Elements. We are taking the opportunity during this major release to simplify our codebase, migration process, and our non-core plugins.

We unfortunately can't provide any release dates, estimates, or guesses until we are ready to release and any comments we make to this end may be subject to change but have ordered the plugins below in the order we expect them to be released.

Please subscribe to the linked Craft 4 support issue on Github for any plugins that you wish to receive an update on once we release. If you have a time-sensitive need, you may have to roll your own update for now. We imagine this uncertainty will be frustrating to some, and hope the wait will be worth it for those who are able.

If you do not see a plugin listed in the Road Map, we probably have no plans to migrate it to Craft 4. Check the Github repository for the plugin you are curious about for more details.

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