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Our team has invested over 10,000 hours into Sprout plugins for Craft CMS and we have many more planned to make sure they are supported and improved. We try to make them available to you at a reasonable rate and hope that you benefit from them by saving many hours on your projects and being able to build elegant, flexible solutions to the problems you face.

If you or your client can justify the price of investing in one of our plugins for your project, please purchase a commercial license via the Craft Plugin Store. It helps ensure we can continue doing what we're doing and be available to offer reliable support.

Discounts & Donations

We understand that many projects have budget considerations. If you feel your project falls in this category, and would still like to use one of our commercial plugins we will match any discounts that you received from Pixel & Tonic for Craft CMS and we also consider standalone license donations.

License Requests

For discount and donation requests, please send us a note at [email protected] and tell us a little bit about your project and which plugins you would like to use.

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