Data Sources

A Data Source defines a set of data that can be queried by a Report and which options can be used when querying that data. A Data Source can define data that exists in your Craft installation or from any source that you wish to query near or far. For example, a custom Data Source could query data from a third-party API and return the results to Sprout Reports to display.

Sprout Reports provides a few Data Sources out of the box:

  • Custom Query - Create reports using custom SQL queries.
  • Users - Create reports with User and User Group data
  • Category Usage by Section - See the breakdown of how many Categories are in use by Entries

# Installation

The default Sprout Data Sources are automatically installed. Custom Data Sources have the option to install themselves and if they do not you will find uninstalled Data Sources in the Uninstalled Data Sources section on the Data Sources tab. Hit the "Install" button to install a custom Data Source.

Last Updated: 11/23/2023, 10:32:53 PM