Console Commands

Import or seed data from the command line with Sprout Import's console commands.

From the root of your Craft project, run the ./craft command to see a list of all available commands. For more details on a specific command, run: craft help <command-name>.

If you do not trigger your queue automatically, be sure to run the ./craft queue/run command after you have added new items to the queue.

# sprout-import/import/run

./craft sprout-import/import/run --file="@root/import.json" --seed=true ./craft sprout-import/import/run --file="path/to/import.json path/to/import2.json path/to/import3.json" --seed=true 

The sprout/import/run command allows you to queue one or more file imports.

# sprout-import/seed/generate

./craft sprout-import/seed/generate --element="craft\elements\Entry" --settings="channel=news" --quantity="3" ./craft sprout-import/seed/generate --element="barrelstrength\sproutbaseimport\importers\elements\Entry" --settings="channel=news" --quantity="3" 

The sprout-import/seed/generate command allows you to seed data to supported Elements.

Settings may be required to seed an element and can be provided as a string that will get processed into key value pairs. A key and value must be separated by an equals sign:


Multiple settings can be separated by a comma: