# Settings

Settings can be managed in the Control Panel Sprout Lists → Settings or via a config file in config/sprout-lists.php


return [
    // The name to display in the control panel in place of the plugin name
    'pluginNameOverride' => 'Sprout Lists',

    // Create a relationship between a Sprout Subscriber and a matching
    // Craft User, based on the email address
    'enableUserSync' => false,

    // Subscriber Lists will be automatically created when a subscribe form
    // is submitted and no matching List is found.
    'enableAutoList' => false

# Enable User Sync

When an email address is added to a Subscriber List, if the email address matches the address of a known User ID in Craft, Sprout Lists can create a link between the two. Enable this behavior the the Sprout Lists settings.

User Sync will behave as follows when enabled:

  • When a new user is created in Sprout Lists, Sprout Lists will check if any Craft Users with a matching email address also exist. If so, Sprout Lists will create a link between the two.
  • When a new user is created and saved in Craft, if there are any matching Subscribers in Sprout Lists, their Sprout Lists Subscriber Records will be linked to the Craft User account.
  • When any updates are made to the Email, First Name, and Last Name fields of a Sprout Lists Subscriber or Craft User, those updates will be reflected in both places


With User Sync enabled, if you submit a blank value for the First Name or Last Name fields (in Sprout List or Craft), the field will also be updated with a blank value in the other location. You will need to enforce First Name and Last Name fields as required if necessary.

Last Updated: 11/23/2023, 10:32:53 PM