Feature Requests

View and upvote existing Feature Requests or add your own on the public Github repo for each plugin. Feature Requests are considered on a case by case basis and we don't make any promises as to when a new feature will be added to one of our plugins.


If you need a planned feature that we have not yet added, consider hiring us. We are available for custom development and consulting services and are happy to improve or extend our plugins based on your project needs.

Contact us: [email protected]

Business Suite Plugins

PluginGithub Link
Sprout FormsFeature Requests
Sprout SEOFeature Requests
Sprout EmailFeature Requests
Sprout ReportsFeature Requests
Sprout ImportFeature Requests

Open Source Plugins

PluginGithub Link
Sprout ActiveFeature Requests
Sprout Encode EmailFeature Requests
Sprout FieldsFeature Requests
Sprout ListsFeature Requests

Open Source Tools

PackageGithub Link
PhpStorm Live Templates for Craft CMSFeature Requests
PhpStorm Live Templates for TwigFeature Requests
Craft TwigFeature Requests
Craftnet API PHP WrapperFeature Requests