View known issues or submit a bug report on the Github repo for each plugin. See the Changelog for more information on the latest updates and releases.

Business Suite Plugins

PluginCraft 3Craft 2
Sprout FormsIssuesIssues
Sprout SEOIssuesIssues
Sprout EmailIssuesIssues
Sprout ReportsIssuesIssues
Sprout ImportIssuesIssues

Open Source Plugins

PluginCraft 3Craft 2
Sprout ActiveIssuesIssues
Sprout Encode EmailIssuesIssues
Sprout FieldsIssuesIssues
Sprout ListsIssuesIssues

Open Source Tools

PhpStorm Live Templates for Craft CMSIssues
PhpStorm Live Templates for TwigIssues
Craft TwigIssues
Craftnet API PHP WrapperIssues