Customize the details of your XML sitemaps with the following settings.

Setting Description
Enable Dynamic Sitemaps Enabling this setting will display a sitemap for all your URL-Enabled sections when you visit the URL: /sitemap.xml on your website.
Total Elements Per Sitemap The number of items that display on each page of your sitemap. A lower number may be necessary for sitemaps with a large number of elements or limited server resources.
Enable multi-lingual sitemaps Generate a single, multilingual sitemap.xml file for each Site Group. By default, a sitemap.xml is generated for every Site on your Craft website. If you are managing content in multiple languages, enable this setting to generate a single, multi-lingual sitemap.xml for all Sites in each Site Group. The sitemap.xml be created for the primary domain or the first domain that appears in the list of a specific Site Group.
Enable Sitemaps Determine which Sites or Site Groups are enabled when generating XML Sitemaps.
Enable Custom Pages Add a section on the Sitemaps tab to manage Custom Pages that exist outside of any URL-Enabled Sections.