List Types

Sprout Lists provides a default Subscriber List Type. Developers can add additional List Types to enable users and admins to subscribe and unsubscribe from third-party lists.

A Custom List Type allows you to integrate with a third party API to:

  • Enable a user to subscribe and unsubscribe to a list on the front-end of your website
  • Enable an admin to subscribe and unsubscribe a user to a list in the Craft Control Panel (coming soon)
  • Enable users to subscribe to a list when submitting a form using Sprout Forms (coming soon)

Creating a Custom List Type

You can create a Custom List Type by:

  1. Extending ListType with your Custom List Type
  2. Register your Custom List Type using the registerSproutListsListTypes() hook

Sprout Lists uses its own Custom List Type API. See the Subscriber List Type as an example in Sprout Lists (sproutlists/integrations/sproutlists/SproutLists_SubscriberListType.php).