Sprout Plugins add several new components to the Craft architecture that can be extended by plugin developers.

Below is a list of the default features provided by Sprout plugins and some third-party integrations extending Sprout to add additional functionality.

Sprout Forms

Form Templates

Accessible TemplatesSprout Forms
Basic TemplatesSprout Forms

Form Fields

Single LineSprout Forms
ParagraphSprout Forms
Multiple ChoiceSprout Forms
DropdownSprout Forms
CheckboxesSprout Forms
NumberSprout Forms
File UploadSprout Forms
Section HeadingSprout Forms
NameSprout Forms
EmailSprout Forms
Email DropdownSprout Forms
PhoneSprout Forms
URLSprout Forms
Opt-inSprout Forms
Custom HTMLSprout Forms
Private NotesSprout Forms
Multi SelectSprout Forms
HiddenSprout Forms
InvisibleSprout Forms
RegexSprout Forms
CategoriesSprout Forms
EntriesSprout Forms
TagsSprout Forms
US StatesUS States for Sprout Forms
Range SliderRange Slider for Sprout Forms


Duplicate Submission CaptchaSprout Forms
Javascript CaptchaSprout Forms
Honeypot CaptchaSprout Forms
Google ReCaptchaGoogle ReCaptcha for Sprout Forms

Sprout SEO


Contact PointSprout SEO
Creative WorkSprout SEO
EventSprout SEO
GeoSprout SEO
Image ObjectSprout SEO
IntangibleSprout SEO
Main Entity of PageSprout SEO
OrganizationSprout SEO
PersonSprout SEO
PlaceSprout SEO
Postal AddressSprout SEO
ProductSprout SEO
ThingSprout SEO
Website Identity - OrganizationSprout SEO
Website Identity - PersonSprout SEO
Website Identity - PlaceSprout SEO
Website Identity - WebsiteSprout SEO

URL-Enabled Section Types

No SectionSprout SEO
CategorySprout SEO
EntrySprout SEO
Commerce ProductSprout SEO

Sprout Email

Email Templates

Basic TemplatesSprout Email
Basic NotificationSprout Forms


Default MailerSprout Email

Notification Events

NoneSprout Email
When an entry is deletedSprout Email
When an entry is savedSprout Email
When a user is activatedSprout Email
When a user is deletedSprout Email
When a user is savedSprout Email
When a form entry is savedSprout Forms

Sprout Reports

Data Sources

Custom QuerySprout Reports
Custom Twig TemplateSprout Reports
Craft CommerceCraft Commerce Data Source for Sprout Reports
CategoriesCategories Data Source for Sprout Reports
UsersUsers Data Source for Sprout Reports

Sprout Import

Element Importer

AssetSprout Import
CategorySprout Import
EntrySprout Import
TagSprout Import
UserSprout Import
Commerce OrderSprout Import
Commerce ProductSprout Import
FormSprout Forms
EntrySprout Forms
RedirectSprout SEO

Settings Importer

Entry TypeSprout Import
FieldSprout Import
SectionSprout Import
WidgetSprout Import

Field Importer

AssetsSprout Import
CategoriesSprout Import
CheckboxesSprout Import
ColorSprout Import
Commerce ProductsSprout Import
DateSprout Import
DropdownSprout Import
EmailSprout Import
EntriesSprout Import
LightswitchSprout Import
MatrixSprout Import
Multi SelectSprout Import
NumberSprout Import
Plain TextSprout Import
Radio ButtonsSprout Import
RedactorSprout Import
TableSprout Import
TagsSprout Import
URLSprout Import
UsersSprout Import
Form RelationsSprout Forms
Entry RelationsSprout Forms