Craft 2

Sprout Forms installation and update instructions for Craft 2.

# Requirements

  • Craft 2.6 or a more recent version of Craft

# Installation

  • Place the sproutforms folder inside your craft/plugins folder.
  • Install the plugin via the Craft Dashboard. (Settings→Plugins)

# Updating

Note: It's always a good idea to backup your database and test updates in a safe environment before running updates on a live site.

  • Place the sproutforms folder inside your craft/plugins folder and overwrite the existing copy of sproutforms.
  • Point your browser to your Craft control panel. If you are prompted to proceed with a database update, click “Finish up” and let the database updates run. If no database updates are needed, you will see your control panel load as normal and you are good to go.

# Downloading Updates

Updates are available via the Github repository.

# Updating to Sprout Forms 2.x

Sprout Forms 2.0 introduces a number of new, powerful features and comes with a few breaking changes to be aware of.

We recommend backing up your database before upgrading and upgrading to 2.0 in a development environment where you can test your forms to ensure they work and are styled as expected.

Some changes to consider:

The underlying, dynamic form templates have been updated

  • The required class has moved
  • The errors classes have been updated
  • Make sure the class names and HTML still work for your situation
  • Some opinionated classes were removed
  • Some additional classes have been added

Sprout Email Field and Sprout Link Field

Sprout Email Field and Sprout Link Field have been retired and are now part of Sprout Fields. When you upgrade to Sprout Forms 2.x you will also need to upgrade to use Sprout Fields to have compatibility with the Email Field and Link Field.

Installing Sprout Fields will run a script that updates all of your Email and Link fields to use Sprout Fields. Backup your database and test to ensure everything is working as expected after you upgrade. You can uninstall and delete Sprout Email Field and Sprout Link Field after you confirm the new Sprout Fields equivalents are working as expected.