Phone Field

The Phone Number field allows you to require a valid phone number pattern using Craft and Sprout Forms front-end Fields.

Sprout Phone Field

When a phone number is recognized, a Phone icon appears at the right hand side of the phone field. If you click on the Phone link, your computer will open your primary phone program to initiate a call.

In the Control Panel, the Phone Field optionally supports masking which allows the user to see (as they type) the pattern of the required phone number format.

# Settings

For the phone field to validate, your input must match the number mask in your settings. By default, the mask is set to ###-###-####.

Custom Validation and Error Messages

If you have more specific Phone Number validation needs, you can select the Phone Numbers for this field have their own validation pattern setting and provide a custom Validation Pattern and Error Message. Custom Validation Patterns support regular expressions and will be added as the pattern="" attribute on the front-end phone input field.

# Availability

Craft Version Available
Craft 3 (Url Field)
Craft 2 (Link Field)

See here for documentation on the Phone Field for Craft 3.


The Phone Field works with Sprout Forms for Craft 2. This field is included by default in Sprout Fields for Craft 3.

Sprout Phone Field supports HTML5 client-side validation including the required attribute, the phone input type, and custom validation patterns and error messages.


The Phone Field has been reinvented for Craft 3 and will support more extensive International validation. Due to these updates, data from the Phone Field in Craft 2 will be migrated to use a Plain Text field in Craft 3 and you can migrate to or use the new Phone Field in Craft 3 as appropriate.