Hidden Field

The Hidden field allows you to create a hidden input and set it's value. The Hidden field is designed to be used as a Sprout Forms front-end Field.

# Sprout Forms Field

<input type="hidden" name="polo" value="marco"> 

The Hidden field behaves like a hidden input field! When you create a hidden field you can set it to have a fixed or dynamic value which will be set as the value on the front-end.

When viewing a submitted Hidden field value in the Control Panel, by default, the Hidden field value is visible but the field is disabled and un-editable. Enable the Allow updates setting to be able to edit a Hidden field after it is submitted.

Note: the Hidden Field can be viewed in the Control Panel but may not have many practical uses outside of use on the front-end.

# Setting a fixed value

In the most basic use, if you know what the value you want the field to be set to, you can set that specific value in the settings.

Example Hidden Field Settings

  • Handle: source
  • Hidden Field Value: landingPage
<input type="hidden" name="source" value="landingPage"> 

# Setting a dynamic value (in the global scope)

If you want to populate your Hidden Field with a dynamic value, you can set your Hidden Field to any global value that you'd expect to find in the template your Form is displayed on the front-end using single curly brace Twig syntax.

Example Hidden Field Settings

- _Handle_: landingPage - _Hidden Field Value_: {craft.app.getRequest().getAbsolutePath()} 
<input type="hidden" name="landingPage" value="landing-pages/lead-generation-form"> 
  • Handle: userId
  • Hidden Field Value: {currentUser.id}
<input type="hidden" name="userId" value="42"> 

# Setting a dynamic value (outside the global scope)

If you need access to specific variables that are not in the global scope, you will need to add those using the Sprout Forms addFieldVariables tag. Before your form is output on the page, set any variables that you wish to be available to your field settings.

{# Here, we are making our EntryModel variable available to our settings. #} {% do craft.sproutForms.addFieldVariables({ entry: entry }) %} {{ craft.sproutForms.displayForm('contact') }} 

Now, we can set our hidden field value using this variable:

  • Hidden Field Value: {entryElement.id}

# Validation

Currently, hidden field provides no validation.

# Availability

Craft Version Available
Craft 3
Craft 2


The Hidden Field works with Sprout Forms for Craft 2. This field is included by default in Sprout Fields for Craft 3.