Template Overrides

Sprout Email gives you 100% control over your email templates using the Template Overrides. If you wish to reuse your Template Overrides on multiple projects, you can create Custom Email Templates.

Customizing Templates

Once you have enabled Template Overrides, you can override two email files:

File Craft 3 Craft 2
email.html required required
email.txt optional required


If you don't provide a template for the Text version of your email in Craft 3, Sprout Forms will convert your HTML email to Markdown and use that for the Text version of your email.


See the documentation on Personalization to learn more about available variables and how to customize your email templates.

Getting Started

To get started, copy the default Sprout Email templates to your Custom Template Overrides folder. You can find the templates in Sprout Email here:



Global settings

Setup a Global Email Template override in the Sprout Email settings and add the path to the template folder where you wish to place your overrides:

Sprout Email → Settings → Default Email Templates → Add Custom 

If you wish to customize Form Templates on a per-form basis, enable the setting:

Enable custom Email Templates on a per-email basis 


Setting the Custom Template Folder value to _emails would allow you to place your override templates in the craft/templates/_emails folder.

Per-form settings

When you Enable custom Email Templates on a per-email basis, you'll have to add the override folder in your Email Element settings.

When creating a new Email, in the Email Settings sidebar, select the Email Template or add the Email Template folder you wish to use for your overrides.