Upgrading to Sprout for Craft 4

All Sprout Plugins added Craft 4 compatibility at version 4.44.444 and are built on top of the new Sprout Framework 4.0.0 module.

Sprout for Craft 4 and provides a familiar author experience, introduces a simplified plugin architecture with the Sprout Framework module, and removes the need for a number of dependencies that were causing several permission and migration issues on Craft 3 websites. Designers and developers will want to read through these upgrade notes carefully - several things have changed.

# Prepare to upgrade

  1. Review all upgrade guides for Craft and Sprout to prepare for your upgrade
  2. Review the 'Breaking Changes' section of the Sprout Module changelogs
  3. Confirm that all of the Sprout plugins that you want to upgrade are available on Craft 4
  4. Confirm that you have a migration path for any plugins that will not be available on Craft 4

# Upgrade

  1. Update to the latest version of Craft 3
  2. Update all installed Sprout plugins to the most recent version on Craft 3
  3. Upgrade to Craft 4 (This step will trigger Sprout migrations for plugins with the same name)
  4. Install any Sprout plugins with new names to trigger their respective migrations

# Breaking Changes

# All Sprout modules

  • See CHANGELOG-CORE for a full list of changes
  • All Twig variables now use the sprout variable
  • All Default templates sets can now be included from the site template root _sprout
  • All Example templates can now be included from the site template root _sprout/examples
  • All plugin settings are now managed in their respective modules
  • Plugins no longer support an Alternate Name setting
  • Any references to Sprout Project Config settings keys will need to be updated
  • All custom APIs have new routes and namespaces