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SEO with a Beautiful Workflow

Metadata is content too

Often, the first time one of your vis­i­tors sees your con­tent it is in search results or from a shared link. Make sure you’re treat­ing your meta­da­ta like a first class cit­i­zen along­side your content.

Sprout SEO makes it seam­less to man­age meta­da­ta for Search, Struc­tured Data, and Social Shar­ing to ensure your con­tent is find­able and sharable.

User-friendly Workflow

Through­out your con­tent man­age­ment expe­ri­ence, Sprout SEO will indi­cate which fields pow­er the meta­da­ta on your site and pro­vide some addi­tion­al infor­ma­tion about the scope and pri­or­i­ty of how that field will affect your metadata.

Edit your con­tent confidently.

Global Metadata

Globals give you one place to define common, reusable metadata such as your brand or website name, contact info, and social profiles. This metadata will be used to populate and serve as fallback info for various Meta Tags and Structured Data schema.

Section Metadata

Sections provide you a way to manage single page or fallback metadata for Search, Social Sharing and Structured Data. Enable each Section to allow the Entry-level content generated in the Section to the XML Sitemap.

Element Metadata

The Element Metadata field gives you fine-grained control over how Entry-specific metadata is recognized and managed for your content. Map existing fields to generate metadata for your Entries, Categories, and Craft Commerce Products.

Optimize every detail of your keyword strategy.

Meta Details fields can be enabled for Sec­tions and Ele­ment Meta­da­ta fields to give you or your SEO team gran­u­lar con­trol over your metadata.

Meta Details fields dis­play as matrix-style blocks. Users can option­al­ly select one or more Meta Details blocks to over­ride any spe­cif­ic fields for a meta­da­ta type.

XML Sitemaps

Help search engines know what web pages they should crawl on your site. Eas­i­ly add your URL-enabled Sec­tions, Cat­e­gories, Prod­ucts, Emails, and more.

XML Sitemaps also sup­port mul­ti-lan­guage con­tent and cus­tom pages, ensur­ing every page you have in any lan­guage is easy to find.

Manage Redirects with ease

Make sure your users find the most rel­e­vant con­tent on your site. 

Whether you need to move a page to a new loca­tion dur­ing a migra­tion or need to update your URLs to tar­get a new SEO strat­e­gy — Sprout SEO makes it easy to add sim­ple and advanced Redi­rects, turn them on or off, and bulk update the redi­rect method.

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Optimize Craft CMS to improve your workflows, impress your users, and acheive your business goals.

We have over 20,000 hours of Craft experience and work in close collaboration with businesses, agencies, and individuals to help make Craft CMS the best platform for you and your business. Save time and build a website that respects best practices and is designed to be scalable, maintainable, and grow with your online business and marketing needs.

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On top of our experience with the Sprout Plugin Suite, we’ve designed and built numerous custom plugins to help organizations address unique business and marketing challenges. From custom workflows to e-commerce to deep API integrations with customer databases, analytics, and cloud services, we can help build custom plugins suited to your specific needs.

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Maintaining your website, content strategy, and customer relationships have a large impact on your business. Whether you’re a business owner, marketing director, or content author, we can help keep things running smoothly. We offer on-call and monthly retainer services to help you answer burning questions, fix annoying bugs, update software, monitor analytics, and even come running if there’s a fire.

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Curious how your Craft website stacks up against all the other Craft sites out there? As a digital agency and CMS specialists who have worked with Craft since day one, our team can provide you insight into everything from content architecture to code debt. Request an audit to learn about optimization opportunities and provide a path for your business to create a better user experience and a more targeted digital strategy.

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